Goodwill Advertising
All products in the catalogue, unless
otherwise stated, include marking in one
colour one position.
Screen charges are included in the unit
price of vinyl products, eg. window
stickers, tax disc holders and document
Screens are chargeable on all other
screen printed items.
New Screens £30.00per colour
Repeat screens/set up £15.00 per colour.
New die £125.00 per design, subject to
the complexity of the design.
Repeat die/set up £12.50 per design.
New block £25 per design.
Repeat block/set up £12.50 per design.
Laser engraving set up £30.00 per
Repeat laser engraving set up £15.00 per
Positives for screens will be retained for a
maximum period of two years. Blocks and
die stamps will be retained for a
maximum period of four years. If the
positive, block or die stamp has not been
re-used within the relevant filing period, it
will be discarded.
A proof will only be supplied on request.
Minimum charge for marking in one
colour, one position £20.00.
Charge for extra colour/design £20.00
plus the cost of origination and the price
of the product.
Pantone colours should be provided
wherever possible for colour matching
purposes or alternatively, a colour swatch
should be supplied. Every effort will be
made to match the colour required,
however it may not be possible to obtain
an exact colour match due to the type of
substrate to be printed.
For goods printed or manufactured with
a specific logo, we reserve the right to
under or over deliver by 5%.
Print quality, colour separated artwork is
required for screens, blocks and dies
which should be supplied in a digital
format wherever possible. If artwork is not
supplied digitally and editable it will be
charged at the standard rates detailed
Flat Artwork - If digital artwork cannot
be supplied then a good quality 300%
size bromide will be acceptable.
Digital Artwork - Digital artwork should
be Mac compatible and supplied by email
or on a Zip disc, CD or 3.5” floppy
disc. The document should be an editable
EPS file created in either Freehand with
fonts converted to paths, Adobe
Illustrator with fonts converted to
outlines or QuarkXpress. A Photoshop
EPS, Bitmap, JPEG, Tiff or GIF files are
not editable, therefore they will incur a
conversion charge for recreating into a
editable format.
Standard charges for artwork
Poor quality artwork
upgrade to
print quality . . . . . . . . £10.00 to £30.00
Conversion of
digital artwork . . . . . . £10.00 to £30.00
New formats from
artwork supplied. . . . . . . . . . . . . £10.00
Minimum artwork charge . . . . . . £10.00
Artwork for more complex jobs will be
quoted subject to sight of design.
Artwork and film positives will only
be retained for a maximum period
of two years. If the artwork has not
been re-used within the two year
filing period, it will be discarded.
Samples of any items illustrated in the
catalogue are available on request and
will be charged at the lowest quantity rate.
Samples are supplied on a nonreturnable
Carriage will be charged extra and
deliveries are made by overnight carrier.
Value added Tax is chargeable on all
items at the standard rate.
We reserve the right to change the
specification of any product or material
used to manufacture the product when
This may have to be done without prior
notification but will not be to the
detriment of the product.
The products illustrating names or
trademarks in this catalogue do not
necessarily imply that the company has
supplied the item to the owner of the
name or trademark.
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